Apr 13, 2022 • 58M

China: a counterweight to Russia or a threat to the West?

A discussion with China expert Enrico Fode

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Piotr Azia
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As China tries to maintain a balance between Russia and the west, what are the likely scenarios in the short and medium term? Enrico Fode brings interesting aspects of the alliance and the relations with the west. He recently published a story on the subject in our blog: Chinese propaganda redefines liberal values

“When, in February 2022, the world suddenly awakened to the reality of Russia’s authoritarian regime and got acquainted with its propaganda, many were surprised by its use of a liberal-leaning narrative to legitimise its war on Ukraine. The accusation to the Ukrainian government of being nazi, and the idea that Russia intended to free people in Ukraine instead of conquering them, was coupled with an even more authoritarian shift within Russia, with increasingly harsh measures against independent media, protesters and foreign social networks.

It may appear as a schizophrenic move, and in part it is, but it’s not an isolated phenomenon. A similar effort by authoritarian regimes to use a liberal narrative to serve a non liberal agenda is seen elsewhere. A prime example of this can be found in Russia’s biggest neighbour: China.”